Additional Departments Receive Turnout Gear through 2017 Globe Gear Giveaway

November 07, 2017

Thanks to Globe and DuPont Protection Solutions (DuPont), two more fire departments are each receiving four new sets of state-of-the-art turnout gear. Since 2012, the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has annually partnered with Globe and DuPont to provide fire departments in need with gear to better protect our nation’s responders. The latest recipients are the Tanglewood (TX) Volunteer Fire Department and the Tuscumbia (MO) Fire Protection District.

The Tanglewood Volunteer Fire Department is located in Lexington, TX. Its 16 firefighters serve a population of 1,500 residents over 48 square miles and also provide mutual aid to three neighboring departments for structural fires, grass fires, and vehicle accidents. The department is predominantly self-funded and relies heavily on grants and donations for their equipment, repairs, upgrades, and daily operations, which leaves no funding for new or updated gear. One-third of their personnel have only wildland personal protective equipment (PPE), and the rest of the firefighters are outfitted with structural PPE that is over 10 years old and not compliant with current recommended safety standards.

“Our goal as a volunteer fire department is to continue to grow, train, and improve our capabilities for our community,” said First Assistant Chief Guy Hall. “Our department will greatly benefit from the gear provided by Globe by giving a few of our firefighters up-to-date gear to grant better protection on fires, thus allowing them to be safer and more effective when protecting our community.”

The Tuscumbia Fire Protection District (TFPD) is located in the middle of Miller County, MO, and protects 55 square miles with a population of 1,100 permanent residents. In addition to providing mutual aid to surrounding departments, the TFPD sees an influx of over 1,000 transient residents who come into the district to work at the area nursing home, court house, and school. They also have three daycare centers, five major churches, and the county health center in their service area, along with a service station that has 7,000 gallons worth of fuel storage. Two major state highways run through the district, which makes it a major thoroughfare for Fort Leonard Wood Army Post and Whiteman Air Force Base.

The TFPD successfully applied for an Assistance to Firefighters Grant to obtain 10 new sets of PPE. However, that was over 10 years ago and now their gear is outdated and considered obsolete according to recommended safety standards. “Receiving this gear will greatly benefit us as well as the citizens we serve and the several other fire departments for which we provide mutual aid,” said TFPD Training Officer Jeremy Phillips.

Additional awards through the Globe Gear Giveaway will be made throughout 2017. A total of 52 sets of gear will be distributed to 13 departments in need. Globe also provided NVFC memberships to the first 500 applicants. Stay tuned to the NVFC web site, Dispatch newsletter, and Facebook page, as well as the Globe Facebook page, for additional information and announcements regarding the Globe Gear Giveaway.

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