Final Recipients Announced for 2017 Globe Gear Giveaway

December 19, 2017

Since 2012, Globe, DuPont Protection Solutions (DuPont), and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) have been annually awarding state-of-the-art turnout gear to help volunteer fire departments better protect their responders. A total of 52 sets of turnout gear are being distributed to 13 departments in 2017. The final recipients of this year’s giveaway are the Buffalo (KY) Fire Department, the Cherokee (AL) Volunteer Fire Department, and the Pulaski Township (PA) Volunteer Fire Department.

Buffalo Fire Department
The Buffalo (KY) Fire Department serves over 400 residents. Their 21 volunteers all have personal protective equipment (PPE); however, all of their PPE is over 10 years old and not recommended for use according to national safety standards. While the department is striving to properly outfit their members, budget constraints haven’t allowed them to purchase new gear for over 16 years. The four sets of turnout gear from the Globe Gear Giveaway program will greatly impact the safety of their volunteers and the residents they serve.

Cherokee Volunteer Fire Department
The Cherokee (AL) Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) provides service to 10,000 residents in western Colbert County in the northwest corner of the state. The area has many residential, commercial, and industrial structures; the industrial structures contain hazardous materials and the Cherokee VFD assists with keeping these industries compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They are also responsible for fifteen miles of riverfront coverage and a four lane state highway.

Station and apparatus maintenance, along with rescue tools that are over 15 years old and beginning to fail, have completely absorbed the department’s budget, leaving them unable to equip nearly half of their 38 volunteers with compliant PPE. New members have volunteered to help, but the department is not able to provide them with proper gear because of their limited budget and mounting expenses.

“Providing our firefighters with compliant PPE is a high priority for our senior cadre,” said Captain William J. Mason. “We are humbled to receive this gear to ensure the safety our members and adequately provide for the citizens we serve.”

Pulaski Township Volunteer Fire Department
The Pulaski Township (PA) Volunteer Fire Department serves 5,000 residents in New Brighton. In the last two and a half years, the department’s roster has grown from two active firefighters to 21. The department had to reissue older PPE in order to provide their growing membership some protection. While most of the gear is still in decent condition, about 75 percent is 10 years old or older and not compliant with recommended safety standards. The department’s limited budget is allocated towards insurance, bills, fuel, and repairs, which leaves little room for new equipment or turnout gear.

“Four new sets of turnout gear would go a long way to protect our firefighters and also the residents of our township,” said Chief Alan E. Hickey.

These awards conclude the 2017 Globe Gear Giveaway. A full wrap-up of the 2017 program will be available in January, so stay tuned to the NVFC web site, Dispatch newsletter, and Facebook page, as well as the Globe Facebook page for additional information.

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