TenCate™ Protective Fabrics


It's no wonder TenCate is the industry leader in providing the best overall specialized personal protective fabrics for emergency responders. TenCate's fabrics are designed and engineered to provide the best overall protection available to protect emergency responders from heat, flame, and other relevant hazards. They combine decades of engineering expertise and customer feedback to ensure that no matter the emergency, you will have the right fabric that provides the best protection from today's dangerous environment.

TenCate Protective Fabrics develops and produces the most comprehensive range of proven, high performance fabrics used to make firefighter turnout gear.


TenCate ADVANCE™ has been protecting firefighters for two decades. Its innovative construction provides good thermal protection and durability.

Read more about ADVANCE™.


CALDURA® features an inherently wicking facecloth that manages moisture well and enhances comfort. Its surface is slick which allows ease of movement and easy donning and doffing.

Read more about CALDURA®.


DEFENDER™ M SL2 provides a good balance of TPP and THL for excellent thermal protection and heat stress relief, as well as improved flexibility for greater ease of movement.

Read more about DEFENDER™ M SL2.

PBI® XT (formerly GEMINI™ XT)

TenCate PBI® XT combines the proven performance of PBI® with the advanced engineering expertise of TenCate. The thermal resistance of PBI® and DuPont KEVLAR® spun yarns are reinforced with a high strength filament grid.

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Using a blend of PBI® and DuPont KEVLAR® fibers, KOMBAT FLEX exceeds the toughness standards for which TenCate is so well known. Without compromising protection, this outer shell incorporates unparalleled freedom and ease of movement to get in, get the job done, and get out.

Read more about KOMBAT FLEX.


TenCate MILLENIA XT makes an extreme leap forward in outer shell protection and flexibility. It outperforms every other premium outer shell fabric in thermal insulation, strength after exposure, and durability. With this landmark advance in textiles technology, TenCate introduces a new generation of strength – and strengthens an unparalleled tradition of leadership through innovation.

Read more about MILLENIA XT.


Stretch fabrics are the foundation of athletic gear in almost every active pursuit. Finally, stretch comes to the fire service – PBI® STRETCH is the first outer shell fabric certified for turnout gear. Made from a performance stretch blend of PBI®/KEVLAR®, it enables turnouts to have a body-contoured, less bulky fit while providing an unprecedented range of motion.

Read more about PBI® STRETCH.


QUANTUM3D® provides an excellent balance of THL and TPP performance as well as flexibility and ease of movement. QUANTUM3D® is thin and flexible with a slick, comfortable facecloth.

Read more about QUANTUM3D®.


TenCate QUANTUM4i builds on the success of COOLDERM Technology facecloth and adds PBI® G2 aperture spun-lace batting for greater air and moisture flow. The two lightweight layers trap air, providing better insulation.

Read more about QUANTUM4i.


TenCate ULTRA offers an exceptional balance of thermal stability, strength, durability and value. Its construction, engineered from an innovative triple fiber blend of DuPont NOMEX® and KEVLAR® combined with PBO, provides superior strength, durability and thermal protection that stands up to extreme heat and stays strong longer.

Read more about ULTRA.

For more information, please visit: www.tencateprotectivefabrics.com

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