NFPA 1851

Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting

NFPA 1851 is a user document, originally published in February 2001, and revised in June 2008. The 2014 revision marks the third complete revision to this user standard.

The standard deals with fire departments' selection and care of Personal Protective Equipment, and contains chapters on administration, definitions, program, selection, inspection, cleaning and decontamination, repair, storage, retirement, verification, and test procedures. This 2014 revision continues to require the 10-year mandatory retirement rule for structural elements and 5-year mandatory retirement for reflective outer shells specified in proximity gear.

New definitions were added to the 2014 revision to differentiate manufacturer-trained organization, verified organization, and verified independent service provider. Perhaps the most significant change in the 2014 revision involves independent service providers. The 2008 revision of the standard contained both verified and non-verified ISPs. The 2014 edition does not recognize any but verified ISPs; in other words, in order to claim to be an ISP in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 1851, the service provider must be verified by a third-party certification organization.

Additionally, a new table was added to Chapter 4 which specifies the responsibilities for garment inspection, cleaning, and repairs. Chapter 6, Inspection, now includes inspection for delamination and label integrity and legibility. Chapter 7 has changes to the cleaning and decontamination procedure, and Chapter 8 has revised requirements for the repair of ensemble and ensemble elements. There are also several changes to Chapter 11, Verification, that affect how an organization or ISP is to be verified, and two new tables have been added that address advanced inspection and advanced cleaning evaluations.

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