NFPA 1971 Design and Performance Requirements for Footwear

Footwear Design Requirements

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Performance Requirements NFPA 1971, 2018 Edition
Structural and Proximity Firefighting
Components Must consist of sole with heel; upper with lining; puncture-resistant device; insole; ladder shank or whole sole equivalent; impact and compression-resistant toecap
Height Height of thermal, physical and moisture protection no less than 250mm (10"); removable insoles shall not be removed prior to measurement; protection continuous to within 2'' of footwear top with exception of 12'' around pull up holes that penetrate footwear from outside to inside
Width of Heel Footwear heel width shall be equal or > than width of sole at intersection of heel breast and sole bottom, excluding any calendar roll where present
Footwear Heel Breast Heel breast not less than 13mm (12") or not more than 25mm (1"); angle not less than 90° or more than 135°; edges must measure 13mm (12") minimum from upper at any point
Puncture-Resistant Device Must cover maximum area of insole as specified in Section 3.3 of CSA Z195
Thread Inherently flame resistant
Hardware and External Fittings Free of rough spots; metal parts shall not penetrate from outside into liner or insole; no metal shall be used in construction or attachment of sole with heel to puncture-resistant device, insole, or upper
Sizing Available in men's 5–16 and women's 5–10, including half sizes and a minimum of three widths;
Full and half sizes accomplished by individual and unique men's and women's lasts; dual sizing to cover both men and women not permitted


Footwear Performance Requirements

Download as a pdf | See Design Requirements

Performance Requirements NFPA 1971, 2018 Edition
Structural and Proximity Firefighting
Performance Requirements Specified in ASTM F 2413, 2011 edition ASTM F 2413 Performance Requirements are used for impact, compression, and puncture resistance with exception that flex resistance to cracking be evaluated at 1,000,000 cycles
Abrasion Resistance Soles and heels tested and the relative volume loss shall not be greater than 200 mm3 (.015 in3)
Conductive Heat Resistance (Test 2) Temperature of insole surface in contact with feet not to exceed 44°C (111°F)
Cut Resistance Footwear uppers—distance of blade travel < 20mm (0.8")
Electrical Insulation No current leakage in excess of 3.0 mA
Eyelet and Stud Post Attachment Detachment strength of 294N (66 lbf.)
Flame Resistance Whole boot flame test; requirement is maximum afterflame of 5 seconds; shall not melt or drip; and shall not exhibit any burn-through
Corrosion Resistance All metal show no more than light surface corrosion; ferrous metals no corrosion of base metal; hardware to remain functional
Heat and Thermal Resistance No melting, separating, or ignition; no water penetration and all components must remain functional
Label Durability Legibility test after abrasion and heat
Ladder Shank Bend Resistance Ladder shanks or whole sole equivalents shall not deflect more than 6 mm (1/4")
Liquid Penetration Upper material composite and seams; 1 hour duration; no penetration
Puncture Resistance Footwear uppers shall not puncture under applied force of 60 N (13 lbf.)
Radiant Heat Resistance (Thermal insulation — Structural only) Temperature of upper surface in contact with skin not to exceed 44°C (111°F)
Radiant Heat (Proximity only) Temperature of upper lining surface in contact with skin not to exceed 44°C (111°F)
Conductive Heat (Thermal insulation — Structural only) Second-degree burn time minimum 10 seconds; time to pain minimum 6 seconds
Conductive Heat (Thermal insulation — Proximity only) Temperature of upper lining surface in contact with skin not to reach 44°C (111°F) in 10 minutes or less
Slip Resistance Footwear shall have a coefficient of friction of 0.40 or greater
Thread Melting Shall not melt below 260°C (500°F)
Viral Penetration Footwear upper material composites and seams; no penetration for 1 hour


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